Phil Manes

Florida Certified Pest Control Operator
30 Years Experience
115 Coolidge Ave., Lehigh Acres, FL 33936

(239) 368-0010

Delete Pests Testimonials

Bob Weenink, Cape Coral, FL, Mar 9, 2016
New to Florida and pools – learned very quickly about spider webs in the pool area.  Wife hates spiders, so I would go out every morning and sweep the lanai and pool area for spider webs.

A neighbor suggested I call Phil and have him spray – he came out, told me he could spray and delete the webs for 3 months.  Since I started the quarterly spraying, there have been no spiders or webs.

Both Phil and his son have been out to spray and it is apparent we chose the right company to keep us bug free.  Their prices are very reasonable and they are very conscious and respectful.  This has been great – no spiders, no webs, no bugs!

I would unconditionally recommend Delete Pests to rid you home of pests!
Thanks Phil!

Rick Henderson, Naples, FL, December 4, 2015
Re: Letter of reference;
To whom it may concern;
We have used Delete Pests LLC as our pest control service since September of 2010. During the last five years we have been remarkably pest free.

The service we have received from Phil has been excellent . This last fall we suddenly found ourselves dealing with lots of Yellow Jackets around our home. was afraid that my wife or I may get stung so I called Phil. He came out that very evening and found the Yellow Jacket nest in the ground out in the landscape and destroyed it. This is typical of the service we have come to expect from Phil and his son.

The company we had for several years prior to Phil was not as thorough and we had to call them about problems with some frequency. We are very happy with their service and highly recommend Delete Pest Control to you.